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Warburton Habitat Tree will be recognized for its contribution to education and the ongoing building of community awareness around the health and conservation of Victoria’s native forests, native wildlife and aquatic ecosystems. Increased ecological understanding will encourage individuals, groups and communities to take responsibility for the impact their actions have on the world around them resulting in a respectful society that supports the sustainability of all living things!


Warburton Habitat Tree will achieve its vision through education, raising awareness and active support and participation. Nature and all its wonders, together with our passionate team will inspire and empower individuals to better understand the impacts that our choices and actions have on the world around us. We can all make a difference!

The Team

Warburton Habitat staff are a dedicated group of environmental educators who share a passion for nature, conservation and the Central Highlands of Victoria. We have had the pleasure of working together as a team for many years and offer a broad knowledge of the environment with unique individual skills and experience specialising in areas of water, conservation, endangered species and local history. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you!

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