School Programs 2019

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Through our education programs we encourage students to gain an increased ecological understand of the environment and and it's connection to plants, animals and humans, how those relationships work and how they impact each other. We do this by inspiring and providing up to date information and tools that assist to increase individual awareness of our natural environments. With greater knowledge comes greater responsibility leading to healthy and informed decisions. Our programs are engaging, informative, interactive and fun. 

School Programs cater to students from Y1 to Y10 with a focus on Science and Geography.

Pre & post student and teacher resources are available for all programs.


Program duration ranges from 1 hour to 4 + hours. All programs are flexible.

NEW -  now included in school program options Year 1 and 2 

5 or more of the following Cross-curriculum Priorities and General Capabilities are linked with all programs:   Civics & Citizenship, Sustainability, Literacy, Critical & creative thinking, Ethical understanding, Personal & social capability, Personal, community & social health, Inter-cultural understanding and Indigenous history and culture.

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School Programs List 2019: 2018 School Prog List.pdf  

Indoor Forest:  


Programs Locations 

  1. Indoor Forest - here under the forest canopy you will find a life-like wildlife display with 56 taxidermy bird, reptile and mammal species. The Wildlife Biodiversity Tour is a fun and interactive experience either on its own or complimenting field trips and adding to the forest experience. Have some fun in this interactive Tour while you learn about the wildlife that call the Yarra Ranges home. Spotlighting included for our nocturnal species!
  2. The Great River - the Upper Yarra offers pristine waters, an abundance of wildlife and aquatic species, old growth Eucalypt's, ancient ferns and unique plant life. Explore the home of the Platypus, Water Rat, native fish, eels, yabbies, long necked turtles and more...
  3. Ancient Forests - The Cool Temperate Rainforest is the oldest living forest type in the world, mystical, beautiful, unique and endangered with less than 1% left. Standing amongst and surrounding this ancient forest community are giant Mountain Ash, old growth up to 400 years of age and 79 year regrowth from the 1939 fires. Mountain Ash Eucalyptus Regnans are tallest flowering plant in the world and the 2nd tallest tree in the world. 
  4. Cool Catchments - Explore Melbourne's Water Catchment at the upper most accessible point of the Yarra River. The Yarra Catchment is surrounded by 157,000 ha of closed forests, provides Melbourne with 80% of its fresh drinking water, is home to 1/3 of Victoria's population and 1/3 of Victoria animal species. The Upper Yarra has much history and environmental significance with gold, timber, water and wildlife all big features.

Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS)

National Curriculum

Programs commence and depart from:

Warburton Habitat Tree  

'The Waterwheel'  3400 Warburton Highway

 Warburton Vic 3799

For more information on school programs please contact:

Kim Robinson

Environment Education Officer
P: 0409 493 721

E: info@habitattree.com.au