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Schools Program Brochure: 2018 School Programs Brochure x.pdf



Belgrave Primary - "Excellent information and knowledge shared, a great day. Relevant for further classroom work". (Living Forests)

Knox Park Primary - A high level of information from the guide. A great visual and hands on experience for both the students and staff". (Wildlife & Habitats)

Beaumaris Primary - Excellent rainforest walk with information regarding the two different forests and their features. Such a wonderful natural resource, it is crucial to maintain education programs such as yours". (Rainforest Relationships)

Milwarra Primary - The educators included our focus topic of rules and laws into the 'Indoor Forest'. The children were engaged the whole time and loved the experience. We could have stayed longer!". (Indoor Forest) 

Heathmont Primary - "Thank you for a very informative day, a wonderful engaging experience for our children. Very relevant to our topic. The educators were excellent and had a great manner with the students. We loved the treetop boardwalk, being on top of Mount Donna Buang and the Nocturnal room." (Living Forests)

St Mary Magdalen - "Thank you for an informative session today. All of the staff were extremely patient, friendly and very professional. All of the 2 hours was great, fabulous". (Rainforest Relationships)

Montrose Primary - "Very worthwhile, was all fantastic. The children really enjoyed the sights and sounds of the rainforest". (The Habitat Tree)

Wesley College - "Good/Excellent. A well planned day, information was relevant, educators knowledgeable, and students were engaged. Students particularly enjoyed the water bugs ID and the riparian walk, Thank you". (Water - Inside out) 

Siena College - "Excellent. The students loved the water bugs. A very informative, well presented and executed program that kept the girls active and involved in a variety of activities." (Water - Inside out).

Pinewood Primary School - "Excellent experience, excellent program. We love the unexpected - snow, logs and trees. The excursion reinforces the idea's we have been learning about this term. This is our 3rd visit, we always enjoy it" (All Living Things) 

Mount View Primary School - "Excellent experience, excellent program, We loved it all, was great for the kids to experience different weather conditions in different environments. The children loved it and learnt. Information was relevant to our topic" (All Living Things) 

Belgrave South Primary School - " Thank you for a most wonderful experience Kim, we learnt so much about the Cool Temperate Rainforest from you. The content spoken related directly with our studies in the classroom. It was a cold and great day." (All living things)

Footscray Primary School - "Love it, we need to leave school earlier next time, more time would be great. Students were very engaged and enjoyed asking questions. Flexible, friendly and organised staff. 

Nazareth College - "The information about the Rainforest and mountain water was really good. Staff were knowledgeable and spoke well. Students loved the well organised and easy to use macro-invertebrate ID activity. Students got a lot out of the day. (Ecosystems: Water and Biodiversity) 

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Warburton Habitat Tree has pre and post program resources for Level 2 - 5 and work sheets for some programs for Level 5 - 6.


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